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Sarah Marshall: School of Executive Presence Alumni and Credit Union Leader

Sarah Marshall is an exceptional woman.

I learned this truth after spending a year with her in the School of Executive Presence, where she bloomed from a brand new CEO to a wise woman of courage. Not only was she tasked with managing a difficult transition from a manager role to an executive role, she was quietly dealing with a rare disorder, PKU, that kept her inner critics working overtime.

When Sarah viewed her own video below, she was completely amazed at her personal transformation. Learn about Sarah's journey in the School of Executive Presence in this video:

To hear more about Sarah's personal story, along with other testimonials, visit here.


Most people struggle to be successful on their own and need guidance, encouragement, and a fresh perspective. The School of Executive Presence provides all of those elements in the form of group work, 1:1 coaches, and practical learning.

You may be fearful of investing in yourself, but I will tell you that people who do make the investment, get a huge return on their investment. The School of Executive Presence programs have a range of cost from $2997 to $13997 for a 12 month program, and anyone who enrolls can select a payment plan that works for them personally.


Register for Free 60 Minute Masterclass: 7 Strategies to Activate Your VIP Status

I know, you want to go slow. This is like dating and building relationships. You want to get a sense for what this is all about and I don't blame you. That's why I am giving you access to this free Executive Presence Webinar, which is a Masterclass with very practical tips that you can implement immediately. There are two ways to sign up: (This is the landing page that gives you more detail)

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What about Enrolling in The School of Executive Presence?

We actually have 3 levels of enrollment: Executive, MidCareer, and Early Career. We also have 3 top programs: Mastermind Cohort (The premium level program), Virtual Coaching, and the Women's VIP Activator Coaching Program.

To learn more, visit


Angela Nuttle is an author, speaker, talent remodeler®, and consultant in talent and organizational development. As founder of The School of Executive Presence™, she teaches business people how to show up with executive presence and coaches them to business success. As CEO of The Corporate Talent Institute, she works directly with CEOS, Business Leaders, and HR Teams to develop people, potential, and processes that create productive and profitable business environments.

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