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I'm Angie Nuttle, Founder of The School of Executive Presence.  My team and I teach business people how to show up with Visibility, Influence, and Presence.  


Businesses are faced with adapting to a 5 generational workforce, globalization, market changes, and achieving sustainable profits. talented leaders are needed.

We help develop the right talent at the right time to help you and your company.

School of Executive Presence Coaches

Angela Nuttle

Angela Nuttle is a Corporate Talent Expert® and multi-certified coach. She specializes in coaching in advanced executive presence, leadership and high potential talent, as well as women in business. She holds a Masters in HR and Organizational Development.  She also does private coaching for women. Visit her site here.

CEO, Founder of School of EP, Executive Coach, Author, and Keynote Speaker

Cynthia Murray

Cynthia coaches leaders and entrepreneurs to achieve top performance.  She helps clients at all levels to improve their skill sets in leadership, effective communication, conflict resolution, managing change effectively and work-life balance.  

International motivational speaker, author, licensed (bilingual) attorney and leadership success coach

Ken Martlage

Ken is a multi-certified coach in multiple industries.  His expertise centers on focusing high-profile leadership talent around trust, communication, relationship development, conflict resolution and alignment to provide a competitive advantage to core business. 

Executive Coach, MBTI Master Practitioner

Chelsea DuKate

Chelsea is known as a genius in the millennial coaching space.  She spent 9 years in the human resources and talent function. Her background includes business partnership with organizations like Roche Diagnostics.  She owns Red Envelope Consulting, where she coaches up to the C-Suite level.  

Career Leadership Coach

Mark Owens

Mark is highly skilled in delivering leadership and coaching throughout all levels of an organization. After a successful 30 year career with Eli Lilly, he moved on to consulting.  He holds a BS in Chemical Engineering and an MBA.

Executive Leadership Coach

Whitney Ohmer

Whitney is a key player on the School of EP Team.  She has a Masters degree in Organizational Psychology and manages the client assessments, body language video analysis, and research.  She also co-facilitates with Angie in the bootcamps and Mastermind Program.

Talent Consultant, Body Language Expert, Facilitator

BJ Bungard

BJ is a dynamic leadership coach with a gift for working with early career business people.  H uses world-class leadership training courses to lift the lids of people and teams. He has an intuitive one-on-one coaching style and delivers dynamic presentations designed to create high-performance cultures that accomplish big initiatives.

John Maxwell Certified Coach, Teacher, and Speaker

Dr. Kate Price

Dr Kate Price is an experienced Executive Coach and Organizational Development Consultant with a Doctorate in Clinical Psychology. She works with individuals, groups and organizations. She has a wealth of knowledge and experience in understanding and implementing unique solutions for organizational and personal development.

Executive Coach

Amanda Moxham

Amanda is an expert at aligning individual and team performance with business strategy to impact organizational excellence and tangible business results. She facilitates for the School of EP and holds a Masters in Strategic Communication and Leadership.

Business Coach, Facilitator

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