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Check Out These FREE Assessments!

Hello there! I hope you are having an incredible week so far. I confess! I've been pounding you pretty hard with our upcoming Women's Retreat Event, so I want to give you a few complimentary assessments to nurture you back into learning mode.

As a certified coach, I administer different assessments on a regular basis in my coaching engagements, programs, and leadership team work. MBTI, ExtendedDiSC, Strengths, SDI, Success Signals, are all impactful tools that are used for different reasons. These powerful tools can help teams get to a common language that helps people wade through conflict, clear up communication, and understand what makes each other tick.

Personality assessments are really fun, but they can also be used to create:

-deeper self-awareness

-a better understanding of the people around you (even the "odd" ones)

-an analysis of what you value


Every assessment is different and measures different aspects of a person's "being." For example, MBTI, or the Myers Briggs Type Indicator, is effective for understanding the way our brain is wired to take in information, process, and come to decisions.

I view Extended DiSC as a way to measure surface behaviors in the work environment. These behaviors are influenced by stress, conflict, and the environment.

StrengthsFinder is a great tool to recognize how you like to show up and use your natural talents (and how NOT operating them can suck the life out of you).

I normally don't harp on one assessment, and typically like to know the results of a couple of different ones that help me understand the person more objectively.


Take some time to play today. Each of the following assessment links were tested by me and seem to have close fitting results to the assessments that cost.


Click Here


Click Here and Click Here


Click Here


Click Here

Have a wonderful rest of the week!