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Executive Presence is ruling business decisions.  

So what is executive presence and why is it important? It's important enough that 89% of CEOS, Business Leaders, and Executive Coaches say you have to have it in order to be successful in business.  Conversely, 78% say if you don't have executive presence, you will not be successful in influencing business outcomes and advancing your career success.


We at the School of Executive Presence define it in this way:

"The power of an authentic person to put plans and actions into effect in a way that he or she is seen, heard, valued, and celebrated."

Authenticity and confidence is key to your ability to influence anyone.  We help you to redesign and remodel yourself in authenticity and confidence so you can live meaningfully. No matter who you are, our expert coaching and leadership experiences teach you how to obtain the freedom and peace of mind you need to succeed in your mission - while also building competency based skills around 10 key characteristics of presence.  Your experience will be customized to fit you while following along our proven methodology of Mission, Mindset, and Mouth.

Its not about a suit and a smile,  It's an inside out job

You may be asking, "do I have it?  Can I develop it?"  The short answer is YES. Our participants are guided by a team of expert coaches who come from diverse industries, as well as a wealth of career backgrounds.  Each program has a limited number of people in each cohort to ensure individualized attention by our coaches and facilitators.  Participants can expect go through one of the most powerful development transformations with a high return on investment.  

Who are our typical participants?  Business people from all walks of life, executive business leaders, people leaders, emerging talent, and high performing business people who know they are ready to step into the roles they are being called to do and need the personal and professional support to make it happen. We work with each person based on their goals, where they want to go for a customized experience that results in him or her being seen, heard, valued, and celebrated. 

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