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How Do You Build Executive Presence? Coach Coming to Washington DC

Executive Presence Coach and Founder of The School of Executive Presence, Angela Nuttle, is coming to Washington DC in October. What's the goal? To teach business people how to be seen, heard, valued, and celebrated in today's rapidly changing business world.

"Many people out there don't even realize they need help with executive presence, and some are confused about what it even means."

Angela recognizes that education, experience, and intentional development can bring people to full awareness, and then change their personal direction in the workplace. What is executive presence? And how does it impact your success in business?

Angela explains it like this: Executive presence is the power of an authentic person to put plans and actions into effect, and in a way that he or she seen, heard, valued, and celebrated. "I spent 20 years in corporate environments like Northrop Grumman, KBR, and Roche, working with high potential talent, leaders and high performers who had brilliant day-to-day performance, but many of them struggled to effectively influence at the decision-making level of the organization. Great talent was having a less than desirable impact on the people around them, and ultimately the results they wanted. I set out to explore this phenomenon and was completely intrigued with what I discovered." After looking at the last 10 years of the most relevant research, Angela discovered and nailed down what the top 10 characteristics of executive presence are, along with some key influencing factors of successful businessmen and businesswomen.

Ultimately, she created unique solutions to help people to develop in these areas through the School of Executive Presence.

"There are all kinds of coaches and workshops out there. Everything that I've seen focuses heavily on outside factors of a person, like what to wear and when to smile. Although those are influencing factors, many of their techniques are outdated and based on a traditionalist mindset. More recent research suggests that the outside factors are secondary to other key internal factors, like authenticity and alignment to your most important values- and living them out loud."

Angela's position is that executive presence is an inside-out job and it continues to evolve. She also learned that executive presence applies directly to business owners and entrepreneurs. Based on her work with entrepreneurs, it's one of the dividing factors between successful business owners, and those who fail within the first 5 years of business.

"It's truly about a behavior change and building relationships, and we know that behavior doesn't change overnight. I've had other coaches try to copy what I do, but not understand this one single factor. That's what differentiates my approach from theirs."

Can you really develop executive presence? And how do you do it? "The short answer is yes. You can develop executive presence." Angela asserts this without blinking.

"Especially in today's trending business world where we moving toward 5 generations in the workforce. Executive presence is ever-changing. It looks different for different people. One major reason is that people gain traction by showing up as their authentic selves and also being in complete alignment with what their personal values are, which are influenced by generational beliefs. This gives people an automatic sense of confidence. Or at least a small dose of confidence in spite of any other personal obstacles that may be in the way."

Angela's style of teaching fits with the philosophy of conscious capitalism, which promotes the belief that business is about the mission, purpose, and meaningfulness to our society.

"There is a serious movement to promote corporate responsibility, community partnership, and integrity-filled leadership that promotes a positive culture. You've heard the saying that culture eats strategy for lunch, and there is truth in that statement. I believe when you put the mission first, the money will follow."

Based on Angela's experience, gone are the days where bullies and workaholics are running the show. Real executive presence is about showing up with emotional intelligence and respect while being passionate about the mission. People with authentic presence and influence are pushing out that toxic kind of company mindset and ushering in a refreshing business angle. This is a game changer in the way organizations look at results.

What exactly can you learn about executive presence?

Angela not only teaches the 10 research based characteristics, but she also focuses on 5 major influencers and a visibility success blueprint that people can implement immediately to build their executive presence foundation.

"You can't forget about gaining exposure while working on your image and performance. Most people are so focused on performance- which is critical- but it is not the only factor in being a successful influencer. "

Angela emphasizes the ability to show up with social agility in complex social situations. Although it all sounds overwhelming, Angela coaches people in very practical and simple ways that get immediate results. She also published two books within the last two years, From Invisible to Incredible, The Secret To Brilliant Executive Presence and The Executive Presence Journal, where she elaborates on her own experiences, and how to implement strategies in the workplace.

What is the Executive Presence Bootcamp?

Angela offers a 2-day intensive retreat style development experience where she teaches foundational executive presence, social agility in meetings, and executive presentations. She will be leading an upcoming boot camp in Washington DC (October 20 and 21) and in Indianapolis(October 27 & 28).

The Executive Presence Bootcamps are designed to draw people who are 1) in organizations, or are 2) entrepreneurs who want to get clear on what their business mission really is. They also get the chance to work on the mindset they need in order to successfully navigate through business politics, while also learning how to get their messaging across in a way that they can clarify an idea and gain buy-in.

Angela lights up when she shares the results of people who went to bootcamp last year.

"The experience is very personal and revelational. I look at the participants we had last year, and every single one of them is at a much different place in their careers and life today. Some of them also chose to move on to the formal School of Executive Presence, and they have become megastars in their journey!"

Those who come to the boot camp are people who want to build influence, better relationships, and results. Many feel like they aren't being heard in their companies. Some have experienced what Angela calls the executive stun gun, and they were negatively impacted by a humiliating or discrediting interaction with another person. Others have had situations where they wish they could go back and change how they reacted, particularly people who have experienced a bully.

"I also draw people who are in business for themselves, or considering it as an option, and they want to understand how to create a client base in a way that's not "cheesy sales". These participants have a tendency to walk away with a new plan on how they approach their marketing and how they nurture their existing clients.

What results have come from the bootcamp? What have been the results of people attending the Boot Camp? One word:


Angela declares, "The Boot Camp definitely changes your life. Some people are afraid that they might become something that they're not, I approach building executive presence much differently then the mainstream. I actually help people to become the person they were always designed to be so they can rock the business world. The Boot Camp is really designed for people to just take their own personal development into their own hands. "

Just ask people like Lisa Prather with The Prather Practice, a health and wellness organization, who went from a struggling business co-owner to a "Structure Function Expert" who has completely changed the relationship between herself, her staff, and her rapidly growing client base.

Or Valarie Gossage, who was overwhelmed and challenged in her HR Director role, but has now flipped to a strategic partner with loads of respect and credibility with her executive peers at Sigma Tau Pharmaceuticals.

How can I learn more about working with Angela and the Bootcamp?

Right now, Angela is offering the bootcamp, and you can get the details- cost, agenda, logistics, and registration link here

Angela also does some 1:1 coaching, but does most of her formal coaching through The School of Executive Presence Mastermind Program and The Virtual Coaching Program. You can learn more about those programs, which are now taking applications for the 2017 programs, by visiting here.


Angie Nuttle School of Executive Presence

Angela Nuttle is an author, speaker, talent remodeler®, and consultant in talent and organizational development. As founder of The School of Executive Presence™, she teaches business people how to show up with executive presence and coaches them to business success. She also works directly with CEOS, Business Leaders, and HR Teams to develop people, potential, and processes that create productive and profitable business environments.

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