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2018 Executive Presence Bootcamp
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Get the tools you need to present with clarity and conciseness.

Find out how you can tweak your speaking style to have the room sitting up and paying attention to your ideas

Get individualized feedback and coaching to fine tune your leadership presence in meetings, presentations, and public events.

What People have to say about Angie Nuttle, Executive Coach and Founder of the School of Executive Presence:

"Angie is unique among executive coaches. She teaches leading from authenticity and integrity and is able to excel because of how well she models this herself. She has a talent for drawing out the best in people while providing concrete actionable feedback and practical REALISTIC tools to improve."

Sarah Marshall, Credit Union CEO

"Angie is an expert business and talent remodeling coach. She is incredibly gifted at guiding you through the transformation of your business and leadership capabilities. She's helped identify my strengths and work through the behaviors that are limiting me, all this has begun to translate to my own business success. 


She has an inherent ability to zero in on what key things need to change so you can successfully lead and grow your business."

Amanda Gleason, HR Business Consultant

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Angie Nuttle is an Executive Coach, Public Speaker and Founder of the School of Executive Presence. She teaches business people how to speak, think, and operate clearly with composed confidence.  She works with both individuals and groups to show up with authority and influence while alleviating the fear of speaking up in public, in meetings, and presentations.

Angie understands the challenges of speaking up in challenging environments. She spent 3 years in Iraq as an HR Defense Contractor, where she was one of sixteen females on her base facing harsh conditions in a war zone.  She learned how to build confidence and overcome the fear of speaking up in a male dominated environment.  

She spent 20 years with Fortune 500 companies like Halliburton, Northrop Grumman, and Roche coaching leaders and guiding high potential talent to maximize their potential in the workplace.  

Angie is now the CEO of Corporate Talent Institute, a coaching and consulting firm that focuses on coaching and developing leaders, talent, and teams.


She's spoken in front of high profile leaders and has led companies like Leidos, LIDS, and Lockheed Martin to develop executive presence for better business results.

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