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Get great tips, tools, and advice on your personal and professional development in this blog. 

Corporate Talent Institute Blog for Business Professionals

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Blog for Leadership development, business topics, trending personal development tips, and consulting services.   Click here to visit the Corporate Talent Institute Blog.

Join The Bright Bulb Community Newlsetter and Forum

For anyone in business who desires to grow and develop

Join Bright Bulb Community for free development tools, social networking, job leads, and brain coffee.  Bright Bulb also has a Facebook Community.  When you sign up, you will get access to the Newsletter, Upcoming Development Opportunities, and the Facebook Group.  Join Bright Bulb Community

"I'm so busy!"  Everybody's saying it, but not doing much about it.  It's time to take your development into your own hands and at your own pace.  In this complete course, work at your own pace to create your foundational Executive Presence.  If you are a busy professional who wants to develop yourself so you can be meaningful in business, this is the perfect course for you.  

Author and Speaker Angela Nuttle shows you the research about Executive Presence, reveals what it actually is, and how to develop visibility, influence, and presence in today's business world.  Learn practical tools that help you to demonstrate the 5 Influencers, social agility, and how to show up powerfully in meetings.  You will also get an easy to implement executive presentation structure that will have leaders singing your praises in your next presentation meeting.

The School of Executive Presence Journal is designed to supplement your development journey with prompter questions to reflect upon.  This is the actual journal used in our formal 12 month executive presence programs.

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