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Thank you for registering for this free session: The Overly Productive Woman: Throat Punch the Holiday Drama!

Scroll down to get session access information.

The Session will begin promptly at 8 p.m. eastern on Thanksgiving night.

You may join 2 ways:

Go to our public Facebook Group Bright Bulb Community and watch the Facebook Live podcast

Or access the audio podcast by dialing in:

(712) 775-7031

Access Code:731-002-717 

Previous Session Recordings

Session #1 May 25
Overly Productive Working Women Series
3 Truths Focus:
  1. We put undue pressure upon ourselves.
  2. We hear voices (inner critics and your committee).
  3. We carry around a lot of junk in our purses.
Session #2 June 1
3 Truths Focus:
  1. We have pre-existing conditions that need to be healed.
  2. We are harder on ourselves than we are with others (perfectionism).
  3. We are our biggest threat to our own sanity and health.
Session #3 June 8
3 Truths Focus:
  1. We create stories that impact how we view things (and we pick our scabs).
  2. We struggle when it comes to establishing and keeping boundaries.
  3. We get respect when we start respecting ourselves.
Session #4 June 15
3 Truths Focus:
  1. We are powerful- we just need to embrace it.
  2. We are influential-more than we know.
  3. We have a mission!
Overly Productive Working Women Series
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