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executive presence book:  From Invisible to Incredible The Secret to Brilliant Executive Presence


FROM INVISIBLE TO INCREDIBLE:  The Secret to Brilliant Executive Presence by Angela Nuttle

You're the high performer trying to make your mark, or an aspiring leader wanting to grow in the company.  Maybe you're the seasoned expert longing to be respected in your craft. You've tried to prove yourself, but can't seem to break through to that executive level.  Frustration sets in, and you are left operating beneath your calling and potential.


What is it that causes talented people to not be seen, heard, or celebrated for their actual value?   The #1 reason cited by industry leaders is Executive Presence.


In this practical book, I help you crack the code by teaching you how to go from invisible to incredible as you discover how to activate your gift of presence.  You'll get easy-to-use tools that build the necessary skills to start living your mission.


 It's often a one shot deal to be discovered and appreciated for what you bring to the organization. With presentations and meetings as the major vehicles of executive presence, you have to show up with structure and expertise. 


I show you the “what and how” of Executive Presentation using "The Fine Dining Delivery Method™". We’ll work through a practical method that shines the light on your unique style for audiences from one to ten thousand. You’ll also improve your ability to engage people through authenticity, confidence, and social agility, while avoiding the executive Stun Gun that so many presenters fear.


Hear thought provoking stories from real people and top executives on how they overcame their own personal challenges and found their place in business.

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