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Private Mastermind Page for Kyle Moore

Program Coach:  Angie Nuttle

Current Assignments:
  • Practice using SBI- Situation/Behavior/Impact
  • Reflect on bringing forth unity and unifying language like "Our Hispanic Community" versus that group of people.  
  • Work on thinking about early communication and understanding who your stakeholders are in every situation/what is the impact to each stakeholder
1) More confidence in managing difficult people.
2) Become highly skilled at leading -- be a strong, positive, confident leader who raises the level of everyone around
3)  Successful in managing work/life balance; focused and committed to work at work and focused and committed to wife/home/family when not at work -- Allowing the 2 to be connected but in a healthy balance.

Interesting Data about You:

We conducted a quick Google search on you, and there was no information listed under your name. This is a good indication that you will want to work on increasing your EXPOSURE in this area. 

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