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Private Mastermind Page for Jeff Christianson

Program Coach:  

1. Write down every commitment for a week to assess yourself on your DWYSYWD.

2. YouTube how voice reminder to overcome unintentional act of forgetting commitments.
3. Partner with HR Director to do a 360.
4. Exposure: Explore a couple outside organizations (Chamber and Trout Unlimited) to build your new equation of exposure/connection/influence.
5. Think of a symbol or metaphor that represents your brand.
1. Deeper understanding of leadership and traits. (Teach leader how to lead you). (Learn and apply feedback from the cohort to validate and confirm strengths, and improve on areas of need).
2. Tangible takeaways that I can implement throughout the rest of my career. Tools to deal with #1 (leaders). Tools to get engaged with that higher level- exclusivity in play with the decision makers. Learn and apply techniques to increase and activate your visibility and credibility with senior leadership. (PIES)
3. Expand professional network with the executive level leadership. Look for relationships outside of the organization.

Interesting Data about You:

We conducted a quick Google search on you, and there was no information listed under your name. This is a good indication that you will want to work on increasing your EXPOSURE in this area. 

Goals from Retreat #1
  • Discover your purpose, vision, and mission
  • Explore what areas you'd like to take your career path
Deliverables for Follow-Up in Sept Coaching Session
  • SBI TOOL with boss
  • What is the bold thing need to do?
  • Stand up for self
  • Diplomacy then war if then, I will
  • Explore career change- Practice training day perspective

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