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James McNeany:

"I HAVE to show up with confidence and authenticity... "

James McNeany School of Executive Presence Testimonial

James McNeany School of Executive Presence Testimonial

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"I've been to a lot of programs that sounded good in theory.  This one felt like it was customized for me."

James McNeany

James needed a deeper self-awareness of his leadership style and presence.  He also wanted to build more confidence without sacrificing his authenticity. As a public figure who is constantly in front of audiences as a principal and leader in his school system, James wanted to get the real feedback and tools he needed to influence in challenging environments. Listen to his incredible journey in the School of Executive Presence Mastermind Program.

You can maximize your potential and presence like James did. Make the defining decision that will transform your career and life.  Schedule a 30 minute call with us today. 

"Because of your work with us, we were able to

present and influence a major decision to go international

with our executive team. Your work with us made

this happen."

Dale P., LIDS 


The School of Executive Presence works with you to speak, think, and operate with composed confidence.  We offer programs, events, and customized coaching engagements to develop our clients. We have proven tools, processes, and systems that help you develop authentic executive presence- no matter who's in the room.

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