Private Mastermind Page for Nisha Dos Santos

Current Assignments:
  • Take control by putting together website for coaching business and think through your rebranding and report on progress at next monthly coaching call.
  • Priorities are:  Coaching Business, Online Course Creation, then writing a book.
  • Remember key words:  AHA, Healing Relationships, Spiritual Solutions, Self-Awareness, Abundance Path Forward, Conflict Resolution.

Program Coach:  Angie Nuttle

  1. To have more leadership, accountability, develop successful relationships.

  2. Build inner strength and confidence; manifest it in front of others.

  3. Be resilient regarding harmony and conflict no matter what environment you are in. (Perfectionist)

  4. Build self awareness in communication patterns and strengthen communication outputs.

Interesting Data about You:

Goals from Retreat #1
  • Make a decision about which career path you'd like to take
  • Start creating some plans and action items around career decision 

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