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Private Mastermind Page for Karla Aberle

Program Coach:  Angie Nuttle

Current Assignments

  • Continue to make progress on empathy and meeting people at their level- Ask more curious questions. (good job of immediate implementation this week!) 
  • Shut Down Competency Police Inner Critic with a pre-planned response, scripture or a quote.
  • Work on thinking about early communication and understanding who your stakeholders are in every situation/what is the impact to each stakeholder.

Interesting Data about You:

We conducted a quick Google search on you, and there was no information listed under your name. This is a good indication that you will want to work on increasing your EXPOSURE in this area. 

  • Come across with a more composed and poised presence (manage emotional triggers without becoming frustrated (re:  Larry Beiter).

  • Increase confidence in telecon calls, groups, using conversation structures that smooth out communication.

  • Respond to people who interrupt you with assertive and positive auto-responders; handle with grace and class.

  • Increase personal confidence by reframing inner critics (Competency Police) and self-defeating references “green perspective”

  • Work on 3rd level listening, being curious and noticing people.


Experiment for July: “Hold on, I’d like to finish my thought”  Or “Hold on let me clarify”

Goals from Retreat #1
  • Working to connect and build relationships with employees on your team

EP Analysis Video-Pre-Program

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