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Private Mastermind Page for Joe Williams

Program Coach:  

1)Growth in communication skills and presence by 1) structuring the details confidently in way that you and your audience can connect.  2) show up with confidence in the way you engage others while reducing your inner critics).
2) Growth in social agility and exploring others’ perspectives as you lead and deliver in meetings.
3) Growth aligning visual, vocal, and verbal outputs while creating engaging confident and approachable body language.
4) Get more comfortable in growing others while you are still trying to develop yourself.

Interesting Data about You:

YouTube informational Video:

New Product Development with Spray Drying at PacMoore

Goals from Retreat #1
  • Work on being present with the people you're in a 1:1 conversation with
  • Challenge:  Personalize conversations using names. 
  • Listening coach before problem solving.

EP Analysis Video-Pre-Program



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Joe Williams Baseline Video

Joe Williams Baseline Video

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