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Compose Your Soul by Angela Nuttle

How to Turn Your Daily Chaos into Calm Control


This award winning book is a practical composure makeover guide which includes incredible stories, tools, and coaching for people who want to speak, think, and operate with confidence and composure.


Transform your chaotic daily grind into a simplified- yet full, meaningful, and composed lifestyle that fits your natural way of operating. Remove self-defeating behaviors and inner critics and build a healthier you.


 You'll learn how to...

Assess the way you like to operate so you can map out your personal strategy to live meaningfully.

Discover the 3 underlying forces that influence the way you speak, think and act so you can stop working against them.

Remove self-defeating toxicity and personal chaos out of your day so you can simplify life.

Calmly and confidently deal with blindside attacks, difficult people, and bullies 

Shut down your life-sucking inner critics and get control over your inner committee.

See real examples of success from real people through funny and courageous stories, easy-to-understand concepts, and practical tools that will get you out of your personal prison.

Upcoming Masterclass: RESET MINDSET

Want to be a part of our next masterclass and get coached by Angie?  This incredible 7 Day Challenge takes concepts and tools directly from  Compose Your Soul. Learn more and register below. 

About The Author

ANGELA NUTTLE is an Author, Speaker, and Talent Remodeler®  Coach.  She teaches people to show up with authentic presence.  She also coaches people to clearly speak, think, and operate  in a confident and composed manner.

She spent 20 years in Corporate America, 3 years in Iraq, and is now CEO of a thriving talent and and leadership consulting firm, Corporate Talent Institute.  


As Founder of the School of Executive Presence, Angela works with people from all walks of life who want to live meaningfully in business and in life.  She specializes in coaching and guiding people out of personal and corporate prisons so they can step into the roles they are being called to do in today's chaotic world. 


On a personal level, Angie is an Overly Productive Person who has experienced the challenges of being a businesswoman, wife, parent, cook, chauffeur, and dog pooper scooper while learning to live powerfully and intentionally. 


She helps women see their vision and mission in spite of their circumstances and shows them how to activate their visibility, influence, and presence.  Learn more about her focus on women in the workplace.

Angie is married with three children, two grandchildren, and two unruly dogs.  She will one day own a beach house in St. George Island, Florida.

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