• Angela Nuttle, Executive Coach and Talent Expert

Emotional Intelligence: Do you have it?

Are you aware of how you're showing up at the workplace?

You will probably laugh and call someone's name out when you see these common personalities in the workplace: The Martyr, the Politician, or the Bully.

When it comes to Emotional Intelligence, we probably knock the score down when we see folks show up at a lower level than we expect. Of course, every workplace has people with different strengths, personalities, behavioral and emotional challenges. It's easy to look at someone else's behavior and forget to turn the pointing finger toward yourself.

Do you have the ability to recognize and manage your own presence? Emotional Intelligence is having that ability. Being able to navigate through your own and others’ emotions is a skill that is attributed to Executive Presence and ultimately leads to you living out your mission and values.

Watch this video to gain awareness about the different personalities that appear at work, and why it’s important to learn how to manage them.

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